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    Micro Metakit Reichsbahn Class 97.204 Adhesion/Rack Tank Loco  

    Micro Metakit 08703H

    Price: $2,495.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany II DRG
    Micro Metakit 08703H - Reichsbahn Class 97.204 Adhesion/Rack Tank Loco

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era II 
    Prototype:  The class 69 Adhesion/Rack locomotive was the first adhesion/rack locomotive built for the famous Austrian Erzbergbahn.  The first versions of the class 269 were built in 1890 by Wien-Floridsdorfs factory in 1890. The class 69's were placed into service on the Erzbergbahn. The Erzbergbahn was a treacherous mountain route located in the Erzberg mountain region in Austria. The Erzbergbahn was finished in 1891 and ore was the main raw material, which was hauled 19.6 kilometers from Vordernberg to Eisenerz. Since the early 1900's three different rack locomotives were built to haul heavy ore trains on this route.  The class 69 was the first rack and pinion locomotive built, it was able to haul 25 to 40 fully loaded ore cars on 7% grades, a remarkable accomplishment for the time.

    Model: Micro Metakit introduced the plans to build this model four years ago and finally it will be delivered in December 2008. The model is a functional moving work of art. It features a complete and functional inner rack system and runs with a double motion drive, just like the prototype. The outer drive rods move slower, at half the speed as the inner rods, because the inner rods need to run faster to move the cog gears.  Most other brass manufactures would not go through the trouble to replicate this complicated running mechanism.  This double motion movement is very impressive, a functional running performance like this is definitely not found in our other HO models. Model also features a brushless can motor, full cab interiors, sprung loaded puffers and much more.  The #08703H is an Era II 1940 German DRG version which is painted in the  Black/Red livery and is equipped with   compressed air and vacuum brake, enlarged water tanks and enlarged coal box and gas lamps.

    This is simply a magnificent model and it is the last Micro Metakit Erzberg locomotive.  It is important to consider adding this model to your collection especially if you already have the other two rack locomotives class 269 and 297.

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