Toy Fair Tour 2010



We invite you to join us for a tour of Hamburg, Kiel, Pennemünde, Wernigerode and Nuremberg.



Tour Highlights


·        Tour the city of Bremen

·        Visit the biggest layout in the world

·        Tour Pennemünde, the birthplace of the space rocket

·        Attend the International Toy Fair, which is not open to the public

·        Visit the Laboe naval memorial and submarine U995

·        Take a Steam Ride on a narrow gauge line

·        Ride on a high speed ICE train



Departure: January 27, 2010

Return: February 05, 2010


Air travel from Chicago

Please note: You can choose any airport within the US for departure. We will make the necessary arrangements for you.


LAND/AIR PRICE (per person)               $3595.00

LAND ONLY PRICE (per person)             $3095.00





Day 1, Wednesday, January 27


We are leaving Chicago late afternoon on your non-stop flight to Frankfurt. Cocktails and dinner will be served en route.


Day 2, Thursday, January 28


One hour before landing they will serve breakfast. After checking through immigration and customs we will board our flight to Hamburg. After checking into the hotel the afternoon is free for your own activities. We will meet for dinner at 7:30 and probably will call it a night after that.


Day 3, Friday, January 29


Our bus will bring us to Peenemünde, the birthplace of space rockets. The V2 was the first rocket reaching an altitude of 84 kilometers, breaching the barrier to space for the first time. The V2 is the prototype of all later booster rockets, both military and civil. The museum does not show only the technically advances of that time, but also the suffering of the victims. If we have time left the bus will drive us through the vast site. We will return back to Hamburg but will stop on the way for dinner.


Day 4, Saturday, January 30


Our bus will bring us to Wernigerode, one of the quaintest towns in Germany. Her we board a narrow gauge steam train to the Brocken, the highest mountain in Northern Germany. Many stories and fables surround this place, like the devil was living there and many witches were flying on their brooms up the mountain. The steam locomotives are heavy 2-10-2 pulling 8 to 10 cars up the mountain. We will stay on the Brocken for a while – so bundle up, it might be cold. On our way back to Hamburg we will stop at a nice restaurant for dinner.


Day 5, Sunday, January 31

Hamburg Miniature Wunderland

The Hamburg Wunderland is definitely one of the highlights of our tour. At the moment the layout takes up about 12000 square feet. Over 800 trains with 11000 cars are running constantly controlled by 64 computers. There are 2200 turnouts, 900 signals, 3500 buildings, 5500 cars, 200 000 figures, 215 000 trees and over 300 000 lights to see. It is the biggest layout in the world and you will enjoy it. We planned for this the whole day, but if want to go next door to the Hamburg dungeon or leave earlier, you are very welcome to do so.


Day 6, Monday, February 01

Hamburg – Kiel - Laboe

We are driving to Kiel to visit the known naval memorial erected after World War I and the last surviving U-Boot class VII. Started in 1927 and completed in 1936, the monument originally memorialized the World War I war dead of the Imperial German Navy, with the dead of World War II being added after 1945. In 1954, it was rededicated to commemorate the sailors of all nationalities who died during the World Wars.

Right next to the memorial there is the submarine, which can be visited. It gives you a good idea under what conditions those sailors had to live.

If we have time left we will also sightseeing the city of Kiel.



File:Laboe ehrendenkmal1.jpg






Day 7, Tuesday, February 02


We will spend our last day in northern Germany in Bremen. This town dates back to the 8th century. A guided tour will explain all the sights. Later on we will tour one of the most famous breweries in Germany – Beck’s Beer. We will have dinner at the Ratskeller. This restaurant is situated in the old townhall. This building was erected between 1405 and 1410in Gothic style but the facade was finished 200 years later 1612 in Renaissance style. The restaurant has a wine list of 600 – exclusively German – wines. It is also home of the 12 oldest wines in the world stored in their original barrels in the Apostel chamber.






Day 8, Wednesday, February 03


We are boarding an ICE train in Hamburg to bring us to Lichtenfels in about 5 hours. After we reached our hotel we give you the rest of the day off, so you can settle in. We will have dinner together at 8:00 pm.


File:ICE2 Hilpodrom.jpg








Day 9, Thursday, February 04

Toy Fair



We all were waiting for this day. The Toy Fair is opening today and we will be right there. What a treat for our eyes. All the new products, all the layouts and dioramas – we will be like kids in a candy store.




Day 10, Friday, February 05


Like all good things, this tour will come to an end today. Breakfast is really early in the morning with hotel check out to follow. We will transfer to Frankfurt Airport and fly back home.




Welcome Home!



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After January 16, 2010 there will be no refund for cancellations.


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