As a way to give thanks to all of our loyal customers, Reynauld’s has created a 3% Rewards Program.

Earn 3% on your purchases today!!

Reynauld’s Rewards Terms and Conditions

Membership Eligibility

  • No purchase is necessary. Enrollment in the Reynauld’s Rewards program is automatic with the creation of a Reynauld’s Euro Imports account.
  • Member must be at least 18 years of age to participate.


  • Reynauld’s Rewards will be accrued at $0.03 per $1.00 dollar spent ($3.00 in rewards dollars earned per $100.00 dollars spent).
  • Reynauld’s Rewards are earned on the prices of items purchased. Rewards are not earned on tax or shipping paid for the purchase of items.
  • Reynauld’s Rewards cannot be earned on the purchase of gift certificates.
  • $1 in Reynaulds Rewards equates to $1 off an entire purchase.

General Terms

  • Accrued Reynauld’s rewards can be applied to a single order or multiple purchases.
  • Users can choose to apply the maximum number of accrued rewards to an order or enter a lesser value of accrued rewards to their order as desired. For example, if the user has $20 dollars in accrued rewards, and the total order is $30; the user can choose to apply all $20 in reward points to the order, or choose to apply a lesser than $20 in rewards to the order. Remaining rewards can then be applied to future orders.
  • Accrued rewards applied to an order cannot exceed the total cost of the order. Stated another way, if the total cost of an order is $100 dollars before taxes and shipping, the number of reward points applied to the order may not exceed $100.
  • Reynauld’s rewards are not assignable, saleable, transferable, replaceable, or redeemable for cash, other than as stated herein.
  • Reynauld’s Euro Imports is not responsible for rewards not received as a result of Member’s failure to provide accurate account information.
  • The Reynauld’s reward program is continuous; no subsequent registration is required.
  • Reynauld’s Euro Imports maintains the right to terminate Members or change rules at any time.
  • Reward dollars initially earned on an item which is returned will be deducted from the user’s reward balance. Note that returns may cause a negative rewards balance. Rewards points applied to a purchase that is later returned, will be transferred back to the users account. For example, if a user makes a $100 purchase, and uses $10 in reward points, the remaining amount charged to the user is $90. If the item is returned, $90 dollars will be returned to the user and $10 in Reynauld’s Rewards will be transferred back to the user’s account. Additionally, $1 dollar in rewards would have been generated from this purchase; upon return, this $1 in rewards would be deducted from the user’s account.
  • Note that dependent on the nature of a return, a 15% restocking fee may be charged on returns. This restocking fee is deducted from the amount credited back to the user’s card or deducted from cash returned to the customer. Restocking fees are not deducted from user’s rewards.
  • If a portion of an entire order is returned, a portion of reward dollars used toward the order will also be returned to the user’s account. For example, if a user makes a purchase that consists of 2 items, Item A and item B, that cost $40 and $60 respectively, the total order amount would be $100. If the user then used $10 in Reynauld’s Rewards to the order, $4 in rewards would be applied to item A and $6 in rewards would be applied to item B. Then remaining amount charged to the customer would be $36 for item A and $54 for item B for a total of $90 remaining after the $10 in rewards was deducted. (This is before taxes and shipping). If item B is returned, the customer will receive $54 back in cash or credit, dependent on payment method, and $6 in rewards will be transferred back to the user’s account. Applied rewards are distributed to each item in an order based on the percentage of the total purchase price of the order.

Accrual Rules

  • Member is solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes, where applicable.
  • Reynauld’s Reward Dollars are earned on all eligible transactions in store at Reynauld’s Euro Imports or
  • All eligible purchases are applied towards Reynauld’s Reward Dollars, and Reward Dollars are issued automatically to the user’s account upon completed purchases. A purchase is deemed complete when an order is shipped or items are purchase in store.
  • Spend can be on one purchase or multiple purchases made over an unlimited time period.
  • Gift Card purchases, catalogs, and some small accessories are not eligible to be applied towards Reynauld’s Reward Dollars.
  • Shipping costs resulting from online transactions are not eligible to be applied towards Reynauld’s Reward Dollar awards.
  • If account is inactive for 1 year, accrued Reynauld’s rewards will be reset to zero (0). Inactive is defined as not having any purchase activity for 1 year.
  • If a Member believes his or her eligible purchase was incorrectly applied toward earning Reynauld’s Reward Dollars please contact our store. Requests must be received by Reynauld’s Euro Imports within 90 days from the date of activity.
  • Written requests should include the Member’s name, address, and daytime telephone number and/or e-mail address.
  • Failure to supply the adequate and unaltered documentation may result in denial of such credits.
  • Points may also be earned for engaging in non-purchase behavior online, such as completing a Member profile or answering a survey, with Reynauld’s Reward Dollar increments varying at Reynauld’s Euro Imports discretion.
  • Various special promotions may also result in additional Reward Dollars being applied to a user’s account.

Reward Issuance and Redemption

  • For every $1.00 spent on qualifying purchases, users are awarded $0.03 in Reynauld’s rewards. (For every $100 spent on qualifying purchases, users are awarded $3 in Reynauld’s rewards)
  • Reynauld’s Reward Dollars cannot be redeemed in full or in part for cash or gift certificates.
  • All Reynauld’s Reward Dollars expire within 1 year of last customer purchase activity.
  • Reynauld’s Reward Dollars can be redeemed at the Reynauld’s Euro Imports store or on

Cancellation and Termination Policy

  • Reynauld’s may terminate the Reynauld’s Rewards Program at any time.
  • Upon termination of the Program, Member forfeits any accrued rewards.
  • Repeated return of merchandise as part of this rewards program shall result in termination of Member’s Rewards account or balance set to zero, if in Reynauld’s Euro Imports’ sole opinion the behavior is determined to be fraudulent.

Modification of Program Policy

  • Reynauld’s Euro Imports reserves the right to end or modify the Reynauld’s Rewards Program at any time without notice.
  • Terms and Conditions for the Program will be posted on Member website at
  • Changes to the Program terms and conditions will be posted to
  • Continued use of Member's Rewards constitutes acceptance of any amendments to the Program.

Member Privacy Policy

  • Reynauld’s privacy policy and standards will apply. See our privacy policy.

Release of Liability or Limited Liability

  • Member releases Reynauld’s Euro Imports, and affiliate entities, and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any and all liability relating to Member's Rewards Rewards Membership or this agreement.


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