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    Brawa German Steam Locomotive BR 01 DB (Sound)  

    Brawa 40927

    Price: $661.40

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    HO Germany III DB 275mm
    Brawa 40927 - German Steam Locomotive BR 01 DB (Sound)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale Era III PluX22 Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    • First large-series model of the pre-series 01 locomotives
    • Typical differences to the BR 01 series were implemented
    • Modified frame shoe
    • Longer driver's cab in the pre-series model
    • Boiler, driver's cab and tender made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic
    • Perforated underframe and spoked wheels in die-cast zinc
    • Smoke generator and sound decoder, either built in or as a retrofit option
    • Illuminated driver's cab
    • True-to epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing
    • Standard shaft rear with link guide
    • Close coupling between locomotive and tender
    • Perfectly replicated back boilerplate
    • Finest paintwork and printing
    • Lines and extra mounted parts in minimum material thickness
    • Extra mounted steps
    • Valve gear holder in cast design

    Overview of technical functions

    DC Analog Basic PlusDC Digital ExtraAC Digital Extra
    Light change+++
    Fire flickering++
    Driver cabin lighting+ 1)++
    Engine lighting++
    Smoke generator++
    Digital interfacePluX22PluX22PluX22

    1) function only available in digital mode

    Before the class BR 01 gained its reputation as 'the' German express locomotive, the companies Borsig (01 001-008) and AEG (01 009-010) delivered a total of 10 pre-series locomotives to the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG). The first model was the 01 008, which is still preserved today and was handed over to the DRG on 10 January 1926. However, these locomotives were ahead of their time, as many lines and railway depots were not yet prepared for an axle load of 20 t. As a result, the operating distances remained severely limited in the first few years of use. This in turn made the testing phase for the new locomotives an extremely drawn-out process. The most striking difference to the later series locomotives was the visibly�longer cab, which remained a feature of the first ten 01's. There were also differences in the design of the frame and many other details.

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