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    Brawa German Passenger Coach B4yge of the DB  

    Brawa 46077

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany III DB 223.6mm
    Brawa 46077 - German Passenger Coach B4yge of the DB

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 

    Model Details:

    • All handrails detached, even at the central entrance
    • Into account all the differences in the framework for AB4yg and B4yg
    • Individual seats
    • Multi-piece bogies in exact imitation
    • Exactly replicated chassis with many separately applied details
    • Detached superstructure supports
    • Prepared for interior lighting and the marker lights Interior painted multicolored
    • Short Coupling Kinematics 
    • Scale narrow cream
    • Scale marker lights
    • Multipart Interior
    • With Minden-Deutz 41 bogie
    • Replica of the roof welds
    • Pass assembled windows
    • Front side windows in the train driver compartment
    • Footboard replica at all entrances
    • Complete reproduction of the brake system

    Due to the great shortage of travel and Eilzugwagen after the 2nd World War and the generally poor condition of the vehicle fleet already with the presentation of the 3 axle rebuilt cars, a conversion program for 4-axis carriage was announced. Structurally the development of new 4YG cars was based very close to that of the 3yg cars, which led to the adoption of numerous components. The similarity between the two types of wagon is therefore obvious. However, the 4YG received a central entrance, who had proven themselves in the new 26.4 m Schnellzugwagen cities, resulting in a symmetrical layout. As a donor car were mostly 4-axle compartment cars Prussian design.

    The chassis of the donor car were all taken on the uniform length of 19,460 mm and then firmly connected to the new steel structure. The first test car was still delivered in 1955 by the Hannover Re. As developed over 1,800 cars of the three main genera AB4yg, B4yg and BPw4yg in subsequent years until the early 1960s. Is still used refurbished bogies of the Prussian standard design and gooseneck bogies for up to 1958 cars built. Then we built the newly developed Minden-Deutz easily bogie. For the independent use with all three types of traction all cars were both steam as well as electric heating. By the late delivery of AB4yg not from the beginning was a pure type marshaling possible so you ranked up to 1958 mostly A or AB Vorkriegseilzugwagen in the coatings formed from B4yg a-car. Here, the cars are distributed over the entire country. Phase out of the actual project, all cars on 1.1.1990 but was not as a result of the reversal of the demand for cars rose sharply. So sporadically car even came to Berlin. Only at the last 28.2.1994 4YG cars have been retired from the holdings of Deutsche Bahn.

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