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    Consignment Roco 10832 - Set multiMAUS pro with multiMAUS center  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Consignment RO10832

    Price: $499.95

    System Scale
    DC HO
    Consignment RO10832 - Roco 10832 - Set multiMAUS pro with multiMAUS center

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC 

    One-Stop-Shop - The Model Railway Center of the Future

    ROCO sets a new standard: multiMAUSPRO and multiZENTRALEPRO. The unique combination of cutting-edge wireless communications and a newly developed control center shows how seriously the ROCO development teamtakes the needs of its customers. Flexible control of your trains, double heading capability, easy readout and programming of the decoder data, numerous and future-proof connection and update options, combined withthe handy format of the successful multiMAUS and the simple and easy to navigate user guidance constitute the key data of the model railway controller system suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. This manual is divided into several parts. Users wishing to utilize the multiMAUSPRO only for casual gaming, onlyneed to read the first two parts describing the most important basic information concerning connection andoperation. The third and fourth parts describe the numerous advanced options of the multiMAUSPRO and the multiZENTRALEPRO. The fifth section discusses general topics involving digital model railroading. The glossarycontains the definitions of basic terms that you may encounter while spending time with your digital model railroad system. The PC software ROCOMOTION included with set No. 10832 expands your options significantly. For example, a fully automated system operation depicting the track control diagram is possible without having to expand thesystem with additional digital components such as brake modules, mirrored or hidden railway stations, signal boxes or towers, etc.

    multiMAUSPRO and multiZENTRALEPRO Overview

    The Conecpt:

    . Ergonomic form of the multiMAUSPRO for single hand operation

    . Large, backlit LCD with multi-language menu navigation

    . Simple methods for setting speed and direction of travel of the locomotives using the rotary knob

    . Rotary knob with zero locking position

    . Compatibility with other DCC / NMRA-compatible controllers

    . The ROCO digital system is expandable to include up to 31 input devices such as extra Lokmaus/multiMAUS

    units or multiMAUSPRO, route controller units, etc.

    . Future-proof update options with USB and RS485 connections

    . multiZENTRALEPRO as "blackbox" that is easy to store and takes up little space

    The Features:

    . Managing 9,999 locomotive addresses & Deciding between locomotive library or locomotive address

    . Alphanumerical locomotive name display with locomotive database for 64 entries, i.e. locomotives

    . Locomotive control with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps which can be set for each locomotive individually

    . Control of light and 20 additional functions for locomotives

    . Double heading driving

    . Controlling up to 2048 magnetic articles - (turnout -) addresses

    . Route control

    . Separate feedback bus

    . Outputs for main and one drivable programming track

    . Reading and writing configuration variables (DCC-CVs 1-1024, value range 0-255)


    . Stable wireless connection with digital wireless standard "ZigBee" IEEE 802.15.4 with 2.4 GHz

    . Emergency stop with shut-down of the entire system, individual emergency stop for selected locomotive

    . Child lock for functions which may could be problematic for children (e.g. programming)

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