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    Consignment Trix 11468 - Rheingold Deluxe Train Set  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Consignment TR11468

    Price: $502.05

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    N Germany II DRG 860mm
    Consignment TR11468 - Trix 11468 - Rheingold Deluxe Train Set

    Product Features and Details
    N Scale Era II 6 Pin 

    Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) deluxe Rheingold train, 1 Class 18.4 (former S 3/6) locomotive, 4-6-2 design, built starting in 1908 for the Royal Bavarian State Railroad, 1 Type SA4ü-28 salon car, 1st class 1 Type SA4ük-28 salon car, 1st class with galley 1 Type SB4ü-28 salon car, 2nd class 1 Type SB4ük-28 salon car, 2nd class with galley 1 Type SPw4ü-28 baggage car. Model: Era II, Locomotive has the new, impressive Trix technology: Locomotive and tender made of diecast metal Faulhaber high-efficiency motor (can motor with bell-shaped armature) with flywheel Motor and gear drive in the boiler Digital connector in the tender Close coupler mechanism on the tender Close coupling between locomotive and tender 3 axles powered through side rods, 2 traction tires. Cars come with close coupler mechanisms, interior lighting and table lights individually lighted with LEDs. Total set length 860 mm / 33-7/8". In October of 1927 the European Schedule and Car Provision Conference in Prague decided to set up a daily express connection between Amsterdam / Hook of Holland and Basle - the birth of the "Rheingold". The fabled Nibelungen treasure was the source for the name of the train. On May 15, 1928 this train was run for the first time. A particular feature of the train was the extremely striking cream/blue painted cars that were a "special design based on the Pullman system". These cars actually offered a level of comfort that was never again achieved even in the postwar period right up to the present. Two cars, one with and one without a galley, formed a unit, and passengers were served at their seats. The decoration of the interiors came from designs of famous artists and architects and the seating was phenomenal. The 26 coaches and 3 baggage cars were also technically the most modern that the railroad had to offer. The "Rheingold" was the flagship of the German State Railroad Company (DRG) right up to its being withdrawn from service in the fall of 1939. Most of these cars did survive the war years almost undamaged, but they were no longer used in the years after. The new services offered by the German Federal Railroad in 1951 never achieved the luxury and elegance of the 1930s. The myth has thus remained preserved to this day.

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