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    ESU Standard LokPilot DCC decoder, PluX12 NEM658, 4 function outputs  

    ESU 53616

    Price: $27.97

    ESU 53616 - Standard LokPilot DCC decoder, PluX12 NEM658, 4 function outputs

    Product Features and Details

    While our LokPilot V4.0 decoder certainly can satisfy all kind of imaginable needs of even the most demanding professionals, many model railroaders are looking for but for a robust, high quality DCC decoder for your basic needs, which is still supposed to be this affordable. The search can be successful at this point are terminated: Our new LokPilot standard was developed from scratch with the aim to offer you a contemporary decoder, on the one hand brings a rational, oriented to the needs of the majority of model railroaders featured, but then at the same time easy on the wallet.

    The LokPilot Standard supplied by us in three versions: In addition to a version with an 8-pin NEM interface and a version with 21MTC interface the decoder to request than- particularly compact - version supplied with PluX12. Thus, the LokPilot Standard is recommended only for use in vehicles for H0 locomotives Gauge TT or N.

    In LokPilot standard the most advanced currently plugged on the world market available technology. Based on a 32-bit CPU convinced the LokPilot standard through its newly developed, excellent load control with high switching frequency and good slow speed characteristics, meaningful features and an outstanding price-performance ratio.


    The LokPilot Standard is a premier DCC decoder. 14-128 speed steps are as natural as 2- and 4-digit addresses. Thanks RailComPlus® the decoder Report fully automatically at a suitable command station (eg ECoS). He dominated all DCC programming and can not only be driven with all DCC compatible digital command stations, but also programmed: Thanks RailCom® with appropriate centers, a reading of CV values on the main DC possible. Especially simple is the programming with the help of the ESU LokProgrammer-right on your PC screen.

    Motor Control

    The final stage of the LokPilot decoder standard provides up to 0.9A continuous current and is clear with all common DC and coreless motors; whether from ROCO®, Fleischmann®, Tillig®, Piko®, Brawa®, Bemo® or Faulhaber® and Maxon®. The back EMF with 20 kHz PWM frequency ensures silent motor operation, and lets your engines crawl slowly on the layout. The load control can be optimally adjusted by means of three CVs to the motor you are using. Thanks to mass-simulation the loco even with only 14 speed levels not jerky.

    Analog Functions

    The LokPilot standard can be used without any problems on analogue DC layouts. A run your locos "non-digital" team mate Nothing stands in the way.


    The LokPilot Standard decoder has four function outputs. In addition, (at 21MTC) two unamplified outputs are available, which in conjunction with matching adapter boards (eg ESU 51968) can also be used for the control of lighting and special functions. All important light functions (eg flashing light, Mars light, strobe) are available and will as well as the brightness of each output can be set separately. The built-in switching helps them to glide smoothly around the depot area as well as the possibility of the start-up and to be able to turn off braking deceleration at your fingertips. Thanks to a simplified style similar to the NMRA standard "Function mapping", the function outputs easily the function keys (F0 to F20 ) be assigned to.


    Of course, all function outputs and the motor output overload protected. We want you to have long to enjoy your decoder!

    Built-in future

    The LokPilot standard is upgradeable and can be obtained, if necessary with the help of the ESU LokProgrammer new operating software. So your decoder remains even after the purchase is always on the cutting edge of technology!

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