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    ESU LokPilot micro V4.0, MM/DCC/SX, 6-pin NEM651 direct connection  

    ESU 54688

    Price: $40.95

    ESU 54688 - LokPilot micro V4.0, MM/DCC/SX, 6-pin NEM651 direct connection

    Product Features and Details

    The LokPilot micro V4.0 is a genuine power house. It drives the loco motor with a continuous load capability of 0.75A and has significantly shrunk compared to its forerunner: the smallest member of the LokPilot V4.0 family has now a size of only 10.5mm x 8.1mm x 2.8mm and should thus fit in the smallest N-/TT-gauge locos.

    LokPilot micro V4.0 decoders are available in all common plug and interface versions such as 6-pin NEM651 (with or without cable harness), 8-pin NEM652 or the brand-new wirless Next18 interface version.

    Operational modes

    The LokPilot micro V4.0 commands Motorola® and Selectrix® as well as DCC through 14, 28 and 128 speed steps or can be used on analogue DC layouts. You can either use 2- or 3-digit (1 – 127) as well as 4-digit (1–9999) addresses or assign a consist address.

    The Motorola® protocol enables the decoder to run with Märklin® stations 6020®, 6021®, Delta®, mobile station® and Central Station®. The decoders can command addresses 01 – 255. A second address allows to switch F5 to F8, if desired.

    Since the LokPilot V4.0 decoders also speaks Selectrix® it can be operated with this proven system as well.

    It supports Lenz® LG 100 resp. Roco® braking sections as well as Zimo®’s HLU-commands, or the braking in DC braking sections with reversed polarity, or the Märklin® braking section (even for DCC). But also the new Lenz® ABC brake modules with an asymmetrical DCC signal is supported.

    Of course, our top-class decoder is able to calculate a constant braking distance to stop your locos correctly in front of the red signal regardless of the speed. LokPilot V4.0 decoders can also be used for analogue DC or AC layouts.

    The LokPilot micro V4.0 converts during operation fully automatically between all control modes (Motorola®, DCC, DC, AC and Selectrix®). That is important if some parts of your layout are operated in analogue mode (e.g. fiddle yards).

    Motor management

    From a LokPilot decoder, you rightly expect an excellent motor management. With the LokPilot micro V4.0, ESU introduces the once more improved fifth generation of load control.

    The standard frequency is adjusted adaptively to the speed with a basic frequency of 40 kHz. The result is an even better slow driving performance. Your locos will crawl super slowly - thanks to the 10 Bit A/D convertor.

    With Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you can limit the influence of back EMF and glide smoothly around the depot area and over turnouts; while on the main, when going uphill, the engine slows down prototypically.

    The load control is well-prepared for all customary motor types, such as ROCO®, Fleischmann®, Brawa®, Mehano®, Bemo®, Märklin®, Faulhaber® or Maxon® motors. 0.75A steady load is more than the above-mentioned motos need and offers enough energy reserves, even for longer block trains.

    Analogue operation

    The LokPilot micro 4.0 decoder can also be used for analogue DC locomotives. The motor control function is teaching the motor »good manners«.


    The LokPilot mirco V4.0 decoder has 2 function outputs which achieve 150 mA load each. They can be allocated individually to different functions. There are two further unamplified outputs which can be also used for both light or special functions.

    All important light functions as available, such as flashing light, firebox flicker, strobe – and double strobe, Ditch Light etc. The brightness of each output can be adjusted separatly. Of course, the decoder is able to control the automatic decoupling move and push time and also offers a high beam function as a new feature. The „LED mode" ensures that the light effects are set correctly when using LEDs.

    Safe operation

    If desired it is possible to connect a PowerPack (ESU 54670, see page 62) to the LokPilot micro V4.0. This energy storage continues to supply the decoder with energy if the power consumption is not isn‘t optimal due to dirty tracks.


    With RailComPlus® your locos will be recognised automatically by an appropriate digital command station fast as lightning and will receive a new address. Forget about the cumbersome typing and programming!


    Of course, all function outputs and the motor connection are overload and short-circuit protected.

    Built-in future

    LokPilot decoders are firmware updatable. This means you are able to replace the internal decoder software by a newer version, if needed. You only need an ESU LokProgrammer to do so.

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