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    Fleischmann 125 Year Anniversary Bavarian Freight Car Set  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Fleischmann 481272

    Price: $437.28

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Germany I K.Bay.Sts.B
    Fleischmann 481272 - 125 Year Anniversary Bavarian Freight Car Set

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    Limited Set:

    Model: Fleischmann is celebrating its 125 year anniversary, because this is a special anniversary Fleischmann is coming out with this exquisite Bavarian presentation set. The set will consists of one exquisite Bavarian DVI tank locomotive, one two axle "Nurnberger Oil" tank car and one two axle "Teisnacher" paper box car. The Barvarian presentation set represents a typical provincial freight train which operated in Southern Germany in the early 1900s. Fleischmann's 125 year Bavarian set is extremely limited and will sell out fast. The locomotive is all metal and comes equipped with DCC sound decoder, can motor with flywheel and extensive detail. The freight cars are highly detailed with spoke wheels and functional doors. The locomotive and cars are equipped with NEM short coupler pockets.

    The Fleischmann Bavarian D VI locomotive might just be the most attractive little tank loco ever made,  words cannot describe its beauty. It is highly detailed, colorful, and the number of separately applied parts is truly amazing. The DVI would be a great model for a small Era I branch line layout.

    Locomotive Model Features:

    • 5 Pole Can Motor with Flywheel
    • Metal Body and Chassis
    • Directional lighting
    • PluX16 Digital DCC Receptacle
    • Factory Installed Sound Decoder
    • NEM 362 Coupler Pocket
    • 2 Traction Tires

    Prototype:  When it comes to modeling European trains one of the more popular time periods to model is Era I. Era I is desirable because it deals with many of the private state railways from the years 1835 to 1925. The Bavarian State Railways is among the most exciting railways to model in this time period because they incorporated many unique and impressive steam locomotives which were painted in exquisite liveries. The DVI was built in 1880 by J. A. Maffei and Krauss in München, 53 locomotives were built between 1880 and 1894. The DVI was designed to be used on small local branch-lines hauling both local passenger service and light branch-line freight.  In 1925 when the Deutsche Reichsbahn unified all the German State Railroads 26 Bavarian DVI's were re-classified as BR 98.75 of which five were equipped with water storage containers on the sides. The remaining locomotives operated in the Pfalz area of Germany in the cities of Speyer and Maximiliansau. They were decommissioned at the end of the 1920s and partially sold off as factory locomotives.




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    Product Reviews

    Fleischmann 125 Year Anniversary Bavarian Freight Set with DV-1 Locomotive August 20, 2013  Rating: 5
    By Jerry
    Excellent value for the money spent-definitley a collectors set. In fact I liked the LOCO so much that I purchased an additionl Locomaotive the DV-1.Excellent electronics for DCC with outstanding realistic sounds. Reynaulds is one of the BEST if not THE BEST sore to do business with when purchasing European model Trains and accessories.
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