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    KM1 German Diesel Railcar VT11.590/191 (1974), DB Ep. IV, NEM  

    KM1 101155

    Price: $11,186.00

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    1 Germany IV DB 3500mm
    KM1 101155 - German Diesel Railcar VT11.590/191 (1974), DB Ep. IV, NEM

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale Era IV Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 


    The VT 11.5 also know as "Trans Europe Express, TEE" was the most important Diesel Railcar train and therefore the showpiece of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) in the 50ies and 60ies. It was develop for the international TEE traffic with elevated travel comfort. The trains of Class VT 11.5 (often simply called TEE) were diesel multiple units built by Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1957 and used for Trans Europ Express (TEE) services. They carried first-class seating only. When the UIC numbering scheme became effective on January 1, 1968, the power heads of the trains were renamed to Class 601 whilst the middle cars became Class 901. They were used for TEE service from 1957 until 1972 and thereafter on German InterCity services.

    The VT 11.5 was based on the pre-war Kruckenberg DRG SVT 137 155 and the experiences with the post war DB Class VT 10.5. Mostly the trains consisted of two motor units, one dining and kitchen car, one dining and bar car and three coaches.

    The weight of a seven-unit train set was 230 t, the length was 130 m. Four VT 11.5 were rebuilt in 1970 and received 2,200-horsepower (1,600 kW) gas turbines from KHD in place of their original 1,100-horsepower (820 kW) engines. They were renumbered as Class 602 001–004 (ex-Class 601 nos. 012, 003, 007 and 010, respectively) and used for DB InterCity service. During test runs a train with two 602 and two coaches ran 217 km/h. Since the turbines caused some problems and had higher fuel consumption, the 602 were taken out of service in 1979.


    Hand-made precision model made from brass and virgin steel. Both end cars are powered, so KM-1 uses 2 Bühler motors. Each end car has its own high-performance decoder and its own diesel smoke unit. There are 6 additional function decoders installed for the interior lights. Cab lights switch with direction of travel. Motorized fan rotors and light change from white to red are also a typical feature. KM-1 uses warm white LEDs for the interior lighting, the table lamps and the spot lights above the bar. All axles run on ball bearings and are spring-loaded. All of the four axles of the end cars are powered. The interior is in prototypical colors, wood paneling and flocked seats. Locomotive engineer figure is in cab 1. The whole train is 3500mm (138") long and weighs almost 40 pound. Minimum radius is 1020mm. Limited series of 100 pieces.

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