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    Kiss Fine Models Bavarian Steam Locomotive Class DXI (Sound 7 Dynamic Smoke)  

    Kiss Fine Models 500190

    Price: $3,295.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC 1 Germany I K.Bay.Sts.B 290mm
    Kiss Fine Models 500190 - Bavarian Steam Locomotive Class DXI (Sound 7 Dynamic Smoke)

    Product Features and Details
    1 Scale DC Era I Includes a digital decoder Includes a sound effect 

    The Model: The Kiss Bavarian DXI is a precision handmade museum qulaity model made of brass and stainless steel. The detail and running performance is remarkable. It's equipped with a high-performance coreless "Faulhaber," motor powering all three axles. It has a ball-bearing drive and all axles are spring-loaded. Model utilizes the latest ESU sound decoder, SMD LED warm lights, cab illumination, and a flickering illuminated firebox.  Best of all it comes equipped with speed-dependent steam chuff from the chimney and the cylinders. Kiss created a masterpiece. It has so many innovations and impressive details.

    Model Highlights:

    • 3 axles powered, ball-bearing and spring-loaded
    • Wheel tires made of stainless steel, ring insulated with elliptical spokes
    • ball bearing drive
    • Faulhaber motor
    • spring buffers
    • Original screw coupling (prepared for installation of a claw coupling,
    • Sand downpipes in Radebene
    • lubrication pump drive
    • Smokebox door to open
    • Sand dome with sand imitation to open
    • Water box lid to open
    • Cab doors to open
    • ESU digital and sound decoder of the latest generation
    • Warm white SMD LED
    • Prototypical lighting for each direction of travel
    • Red taillights can be switched off
    • Flickering illumination of the firebox
    • Cab lighting
    • Dynamic Smoke & Sound
    • Minimum radius 1020 mm
    • Weight approx. 4.7 kilos

    Prototype: When it comes to modeling European trains, one of the more popular time periods to model is Era I. Era I is desirable because it deals with many of the private state railways from the years 1835 to 1925. The Bavarian State Railways is among the most exciting railways to model in this time period because they incorporated many unique and impressive steam locomotives, which were painted in exquisite liveries. 139 class DXIs were produced from 1895 to 1912.  Krauss and Maffei supplied three prototypes each, and both were later involved in the production batches. Eight locomotives of the same type were supplied by Krauss in 1900 to the Lokalbahn AG (Lokalbahn Aktien-Gesellschaft or LAG), which later sold them to the Bavarian state railway, where they were given the numbers 2507 to 2512. An additional three locomotives were supplied by Krauss to the South German Electric Branch Lines (AG Süddeutsche elektrische Lokalbahnen) that were taken over in 1904 by the LAG; again these locomotives were sold to the state railway. They were given the numbers 2762–2764. These machines were designated as Class PtL 3/4 under the new classification scheme, but did not differ significantly from the newer Class D XI engines. Another five PtL 3/4 were procured by the state railway in 1914 and given the numbers 2783–2787.

    Three of these locomotives were also produced for the Palatinate Railway (Pfalzbahn) as the T 4.II, but these had different dimensions, including smaller driving and carrying wheels. The Deutsche Reichsbahn took over all 147 vehicles in 1925 as the DRG Class 98.4-5. The D XI engines were given the numbers 98 411–556 and the PtL 3/4 machines the numbers 98 561–568. About half the locomotives were retired between 1931 and 1933. Two machines remained after the Second World War in Czechoslovakia and four in Austria. The latter were numbers 98 500, 514, 546 und 549, which were given the numbers 791.01–04 by the Austrian Federal Railway (Österreichische Bundesbahn or ÖBB). They were taken out of service in 1957. The Deutsche Bundesbahn took over 56 engines in 1945. The last loco was taken out of service in 1960 in Nuremberg and transferred to Ingolstadt. There it was set up as a memorial in front of the station in 1968.[2] This sole surviving example of the Bavarian D XI is cared for today by the Apian-Gymnasium at Ingolstadt.

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