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    Liliput Diesel Locomotive DE2500 Silver / Blue  

    Liliput 132054

    Price: $301.29

    System Scale Era Dimensions
    DC HO IV 207mm
    Liliput 132054 - Diesel Locomotive DE2500 Silver / Blue

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era IV 

    Prototype: Version in special test-varnish, with operating no. 202 003-0. "UmAn" stands for the high-speed bogies with recoupable drive mass, which were tested at this locomotive at the beginning of the 1980s. This locomotive is now in the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin. 

    The DE 2500 from Henschel / BBC designates a small series of three dielectric experiment locomotives. In the case of the German Federal Railroad as a series 202 designated, these were used in trial operation and partly with different experimental conversions up into the 80's. The locomotives have a modular design and could be used on two-axle as well as on three-axle bogies (for routes with lower permissible axle load).

    The three machines were extensively tested by the German Federal Railways in the 1970s and regularly used by Bw Mannheim. Their operating numbers were 202 002-2 (white paint), 202 003-0 (rotoranger painting), and 202 004-8 (blue paint). 202 003-0 later received a blue-silver coating for high-speed trials which she still has.

    From the point of view of the locomotive industry, which the three copies had built at their own expense, the DE 2500 was above all a test vehicle. Their technical history value is very high. The design principles have largely shaped modern locomotive technology. A direct further development in series did not materialize, because the German Federal Railways had a sufficient number of modern stretching diesel locomotives. In the design of three-phase electric co-engines, however, the experience gained with this locomotive flowed into the series 120, first 

    Model: with 21-pin interface to NEM 660 for receiving a digital decoder; Prepared for installation of sound decoders and speakers. Motor with flywheel; Clamp for increasing the pulling force. Clutch mount according to NEM 362 with short coupling kinematics and Liliput short couplings. Three-light LED peak signal / two tail lights with the direction of travel changing (white / red). Recommended minimum radius: 360 mm.

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