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    Marklin Digital BR 89 Class Tank Locomotive  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Marklin 37140

    Price: $399.95
    Sale Price: $349.95

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO Germany III DB 99mm
    Marklin 37140 - Digital BR 89 Class Tank Locomotive

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era III 

    Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 89.70-75 tank locomotive. Former Prussian branch line T 3 locomotive.
    Model: Locomotive comes with a digital decoder and controlled propulsion. Miniature motor is in the boiler. 3 powered axles. 2 traction tires. Detailed running gear with representation of the Allan valve gear. Headlights will work in conventional operation and can be digitally controlled. The acceleration and braking delay can be controlled digitally with Control Unit or Systems. Engineer's cab with clear view. Many separately applied details. Length over buffers 9.9 cm / 3-29/32".

    In 1882, Henschel delivered the first example of a triple coupled saturated steam locomotive for secondary line service. The T 3 was impressive, it was service-friendly, robust, and versatile. The jurors at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 were also convinced. They awarded a prize to the 11 year old design. Even 13 years later, the manufacturers still dared to exhibit the T 3. In Milan, Hanomag presented the last locomotive, fitted with a Lentz poppet valve distribution, as an experiment. The exhibition efforts paid off for the companies involved. Same design locomotives went to China, France, Greece, and Italy. The German State Railway gave it the class designation 89.70. In Germany, in addition to the Prussian State Railways, numerous private railroads purchased the T 3. Starting in 1891, the Royal Württemberg State Railways also entered the circle of T-3 operators. The first units were produced by Krauss, in neighboring Bavaria. Thereafter all locomotives came from Württemberg factories, the Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Heilbronn, and Machinenfabrik Esslingen. The drive gear of the Württemberg locomotives was more powerfully designed, the wheel diameter somewhat smaller. Instead of the Allan valve gear, outside mount, they were fitted with a Heusinger valve gear. They were in service for the German State Railroad as class 89.3. Several units of both classes were employed by the State Railways of both states after 1945. Finally, the 89 7296 and 7377 rolled onto the German Federal Railroad's holding siding in 1961.


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