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    Marklin DRG "Rheingold" Passenger 6-Car Set (L)  

    Marklin 42283

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO Germany II DRG 1540mm
    Marklin 42283 - DRG Rheingold Passenger 6-Car Set (L)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era II 


    6 Remote fast cars of different types of the German State Railroad Company (DRG). 2 express-baggage car SPw4ü-28. 1 salon car without a kitchen-type SB4ü 28, 2nd Class. 1 salon car with kitchen SA4ük-28, 1 Class. 1 salon car without a kitchen-type SA4ü 28, 1st Class. 1 salon car with kitchen SB4ük-28, 2nd Class. Operating condition early 1930s.
    Model: Interior with illuminated table lamps. Lighting with maintenance-free LEDs (LED). Continuous current-carrying compound of the cars to plug-in, solid special-coupling compounds. Luggage Cart with 4 movable sliding doors. All cars with printed serial numbers and train destination signs. A baggage car equipped as standard with LED tail light. Total length over buffers 154 cm.
    One-time series.
    The legendary Nibelungen treasure was the inspiration for one of the most famous luxury trains in Europe. On 15 May 1928 was the first "Rheingold" to its cross-border trip over the 662 km long stretch of Amsterdam Hoek of Holland to Basel. He was pulled from a Bavarian S 3/6-Pacific-Lokomotive. The cream / purple-painted, modeled after the famous American Pullman car designed saloon cars, luxury open-plan facilities offered with or without food. From a kitchen are always two carriages were provided. The interior design was on the designs of famous artists and architects back. Also technically, the cars the most modern, had to offer the railroad at that time. With 23.5 yards surpassed them all by then German-built cars in length. Which eventually produced a total of 26 cars weighing 50 to 57.2 tons with much more than normal train carriage. Their trucks were a special design. In addition, there were three vans, all in purple and 19.68 meters long. The train brought the first and second class cars. In autumn 1939, disappeared the Rhinegold from the schedule. The Federal Railways had a tradition revived in 1951. For three decades, the train remained the figurehead of the Federal Railways. With the start of the summer schedule in 1987 disappeared from the "Rheingold" of German rail.
    The appropriate "Rheingold" express train locomotive class 18.4 is available under item number 37 183 in 2011 also unique in the Märklin assortment of new products.

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