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    Micro Metakit Class BR18 Black/Red Livery  

    Micro Metakit 03102H

    Price: $2,295.00

    System Scale Country Era Railway
    DC HO Bavaria I K.Bay.Sts.B
    Micro Metakit 03102H - Class BR18 Black/Red Livery

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I 

    Prototype: From 1908 to 1931 the Royal Bavarian State Railroad bought what is probably the most famous and beautiful of all of the Bavarian express locomotives. That means that the last S 3/6 locomotives were delivered 6 years after the introduction of the class 01 standard design locomotive, undoubtedly proof of this successful design. The famous S 3/6 was the symbol of Bavarian locomotive construction, although there were American design principles present in the locomotive. Two of the class S 2/5 were ordered in 1901 from the Baldwin Company in the USA. The good results from this design led to the Bavarian class S 2/5 and S 3/5, and the S 3/6 was a further development of this. There were only slight differences between the first 4 subclasses of the S3/6 locomotive. The S3/6 was a heavy four cylinder compound locomotive with diameter of driving wheels which varied from 1,870mm to 2000mm. All the S3/6 locomotives were built by J.A. Maffei and they might have been the most exquisite express locomotive ever built.

    Model: Micro-Metakit's model is completely functional and highly detailed just like the prototype. The model has a functional 4 cylinder drive system, the two inner pistons and crank shafts are functional and move in unison with the outer two pistons and drive rods. For a model this is a remarkable accomplishment. It also features a brush-less, ironless "Faulhaber" motor, full cab interior, functional boiler hatch with inner boiler details and removable roof. The S3/6 is handmade out of brass and available in six versions. Quantites are very limited so order soon. These models are in stock and will sell fast!

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