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    Noch Large HO Scale "Silvretta" Pre-Formed Layout  

    Noch 80100

    Price: $2,528.90

    Scale Dimensions
    HO 2200 x 1400 x 520 mm
    Noch 80100 - Large HO Scale Silvretta Pre-Formed Layout
     Track Plans

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale 

     *** Please Note: Layouts are large so the shipping cost average is usually between $200 and $450 dollars.  Contact us with your shipping address for an exact shippping price.

    "Silvretta Mountain Range Layout: A Truly Impressive Miniature Experience"

    Introduction: Step into the awe-inspiring world of the Silvretta Mountain Range, where real-life grandeur meets the meticulous craftsmanship of our "Silvretta" Layout. This miniature model landscape faithfully captures the stunning mountainous terrain, complete with reservoirs and meandering streams, offering a captivating experience reminiscent of the actual breathtaking scenery. With three independently running trains, numerous bridges, tunnel sections, and stations equipped with ample storage sidings, the "Silvretta" Layout leaves nothing to be desired for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    Layout Includes:

    • Base layout intricately hand-painted and adorned with lifelike greening (grass), securely mounted on a stable wood frame.
    • Pre-cut underlay for tunnels.
    • Bridge construction kit tailored for the H0 scale.
    • Bridge kit Track plans for the following systems: Märklin metal, plastic Märklin, Marklin C-Track, Fleischmann Profi track, Roco geoLine track, Trix C Track.
    • Also suitable for building in TT, but thre are no track plans are available.
    • Track plans compatible with all applicable systems.
    • "Preformed Layouts" DVD Guide for seamless setup and customization.

    Extension Possibilities (Versions A and B):

    Version A:

    • Extension Step 1: Left Extension Layout "Turntable," ref. 80120.
    • Extension Step 2: Right Extension Layout "Storage Yard," ref. 80150.
    • Extension Step 3: Front Extension for "Silvretta" Layout, ref. 80101, Left Extension Layout "Turntable," ref. 80121, Right Front Extension Layout, ref. 80131.
    • Extension Step 4: Aluminium Frame and Storage Yard Baseboard for the "Silvretta" Layout, refs. 62220 and 62221, Aluminium Frame and Storage Yard Baseboard for the Right Extension "Storage Yard," refs. 62212 and 62213, LAGGIES Standard Helix and LAGGIES Helix Add-on, refs. 53004 and 53104.

    Version B:

    • Extension Step 1: Right Extension Layout "Industrial Harbor," ref. 80140, Front Extension for Preformed Layout "Silvretta," ref. 80101.
    • Extension Step 2: Left Extension Layout "Turntable," ref. 80120, Left Front Extension for Extension Layout "Turntable," ref. 80121.

    Please Note: Bridge construction kits, tunnel underlays, extension brackets, and track plans are included in the extension components' . Please refer to the following descriptions for detailed information on each extension step. 

    The layout does not include tracks, buildings, or trains, allowing you the freedom to customize your railway world according to your preferences. Let your imagination unfold with the "Rosenheim" Layout – where creativity meets simplicity.

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    Product Reviews

    Noch Silvretta Layout December 06, 2016  Rating: 5
    By Frank
    Outstanding !!! Fits perfect on the compatible Noch Aluminum Stand/Frame. Layout looks larger than I thought, even though I already knew the dimensions. Just beautiful ! Thank You !
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