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    Piko Italian Diesel locomotive D.145.2016 of the FS  

    Piko 52844

    Price: $254.14

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Italy IV FS 175mm
    Piko 52844 - Italian Diesel locomotive D.145.2016 of the FS

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era IV 

    Diesel locomotive D.145.2016 FS of epoch IV

    - novelty 2020 -

    The Italian D.145 collectors of extraordinary European locomotives and system operators will be equally impressed by the special appearance, the large area of application and the excellent driving characteristics mixed with attention to detail and suitability for operation. The PIKO model impresses with the finest paintwork and printing, the exact housing shape, attached handlebars and sharply engraved bogie trims. The lights change depending on the direction of travel, white / red using LEDs. The standard built-in driver's cab lighting and the tail lights that function depending on the direction of travel can be controlled digitally with a PluX22 decoder. The five-pole motor with two flywheels ensures excellent driving characteristics. The model has a digital interface PluX22 according to NEM 658 and is prepared for easy retrofitting with sound and the largest possible loudspeaker. Brake hoses for retrofitting are included.

    Model & Prototype Information

    At the end of the 1970s, the diesel-electric shunting locomotives D.145 were meant to initiate the fundamental modernization of the Italian State Railways FS and were the first diesel locomotives to be put into service in 1982 with the unusual orange paint job. The locomotives developed by the Italian company Brown-Boveri Tecnomasio of VADO LIGURE were equipped with rather untypical central driver's cabs for an optimal overview during shunting operations. The locomotives are suitable both for freight train service at max. 100 km/h and for heavy shunting service at lower speeds. Since 2017, 41 machines have been operated by the freight division of the Italian State Railway Mercitalia.

    The PIKO locomotives of the D.145 FS series have etched railings, attached handrails and door handles, separate whistles and horns. The brake shoes, speedometer shaft, sandboxes, shock absorbers and the filigree condensation water hoses were specially designed on the highly detailed bogies. Even the lateral water filler necks were lovingly reproduced on the model as extra parts, making the locomotive an eye-catcher on any layout.

    With the D.145, PIKO for the first time offers a new construction of a purely Italian locomotive, which appeals to all collectors of interesting railway vehicles due to its unusual appearance. The modern, detail-loving construction of this model, which PIKO is known for, promises long-lasting fun and a special Italian flair thanks to the sound files and Italian announcements recorded on the original locomotive.

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