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    Tillig Steam Locomotive Class P8  

    Tillig 02022

    Price: $419.85

    Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    TT Germany I K.P.E.V. 155mm
    Tillig 02022 - Steam Locomotive Class P8

    Product Features and Details
    TT Scale Era I 

    2 Spitzenlicht mit Fahrtrichtung wechselnd Minestradius 310 mm, kleinere Radien können nicht befahren werden  Kupplungsaufnahme nach NEM 358 und Kurzkupplungskinematik Elektrische Schnittstelle Next18 nach NEM 662

    Prototype: The steam locomotive class P 8 of the Prussian State Railway was designed in 1906 by the Berliner Maschienenbau AG (formerly Schwartzkopff) and Robert Garbe of the Linke-Hofmann Werke in Breslau. It was supposed to follow the P 6 which was considered unsatisfactory. The P 8 could transport 300 tons with 100 km/h in flat terrain and 400 tons at 90km/h, and after the World Wars it could be found almost everywhere in Europe. The order to build the first ten units was given to the company Schwartzkopff (which later became the Berliner Maschninenbau AG) in January 1906. With up to 14 D-train wagons on the hook all the test trips turned out to be great. The first machine of this type that soon became famous internationally was put into service at the lower Rhein River under the name "Coeln 2401". The P 8 could be used in many different ways and it could be found in front of almost any train with the exception of the heavy express and goods trains.

    Model: Precision, attention to detail and reliability-these are the outstanding features of all Tillig Steam Locomotives. The New Tillig TT Models equate to a quality level which is certainly just as good as the current standards of the HO models on the market today.

    Technical Characteristics of Tillig Steam Locomotives:

    • High performance 5 pole motors with flywheels

    • Die-cast metal frames

    • Reliable current collection via bronze pick up contacts

    • Warm LED Lights

    • High weight due to the die-cast zinc frames

    • Highly detail which includes hand applied boiler pipes

    • Digital DCC interface

    • High quality paint finish & lettering

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