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    Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland and Hobby Expo Germany Tour

    Embark on an unforgettable journey with us as we immerse ourselves in the wonders of the International Hobby Expo in Dortmund and the extraordinary Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg. Miniature Wunderland stands proudly as the largest model train display in the world, a true bucket-list destination for every devoted model train enthusiast. Our adventure unfolds with captivating Hamburg City and Harbor Sightseeing, culminating in a picturesque train ride "through" the North Sea to the serene island of Sylt.  This year's trip offers so many exciting opportunities.

    Departure: April 17, 2024     |      Return: April 25, 2024

    Land only price (per person): $3,795.00

    Air Travel from Chicago:

    Note: Choose any airport for departure, and we can assist with arrangements.

    Day 2, Thursday, April 18

    As we approach our destination, enjoy a delightful breakfast served one hour before landing. Once through immigration and customs, embark on a scenic train journey to Dortmund. Upon arrival at the hotel, the remainder of the afternoon is yours to engage in personal activities. Join us for a welcoming dinner at 7:30, extending a warm reception to all. Following this, feel free to retire for the night at your leisure.

    Day 3, Friday, April 19

    Our main attraction in Dortmund awaits – the Intermodellbau 2024, the world's largest trade show for model-railroading and hobbies. INTERMODELLBAU 2024 is set to host a multitude of both local and international exhibitors across eight expansive halls, showcasing a diverse array of delights, including model trains, aircraft, RC vehicles, cardboard models, dioramas, and more. Immerse yourself in this captivating experience, as the exhibition venue unfolds with offerings ranging from traditional HO model railways to cutting-edge 3D printers, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore and test these innovations on-site.

    Category:Intermodellbau - Wikimedia Commons

    Day 4, Saturday, April 20

    Today, we embark on a high-speed adventure aboard the iconic German high speed ICE train, whisking us from Dortmund to Hamburg. As we traverse the scenic route, catching glimpses of Münster, Osnabrück, and Bremen, anticipation builds for the treasures that await in Hamburg. Once we've settled into our hotel, the remainder of the day is yours to savor at your own pace. Whether you opt for indulgent shopping sprees or simply relish a serene moment with a delightful coffee and a slice of cake at one of the charming waterfront cafés, the choice is yours to make the most of this leisurely afternoon.

    Tradition: “Coffee and cake” from Villeroy & Boch

    Day 5, Sunday, April 21

    We'll navigate Hamburg's vibrant offerings with the convenience of their Hop-on Hop-off bus service. This curated route showcases essential attractions, including the iconic Michel's Church, the Red Townhall, and the fascinating Elbe Tunnel. As part of our adventure, we've arranged a captivating boat tour through the expansive Hamburg harbor, providing a unique perspective on this bustling maritime city.

    In Hamburg, the abundance of attractions caters to every taste, ensuring there's something for everyone to savor at their own pace. Whether you're drawn to historical landmarks, architectural marvels, or the pulsating energy of the city, Hamburg's multifaceted charm promises an experience tailored to your preferences. And let's not forget, as the day transitions into night, Hamburg's renowned nightlife beckons, adding an extra layer of excitement to our unforgettable journey.

    A tower with a clock on it and a boat in the water A city with a large building and a clock tower    Description automatically generated

    Day 6, Monday, April 22

    Get ready for the pinnacle of our journey – a visit to the extraordinary Miniature Wunderland. Even if you've marveled at this fantastic layout before, the recent additions, including replicas of Rio de Janeiro, Monaco, and the Fun Fair, make it a must-see experience. The airport alone stands as one of the most captivating attractions, requiring five years of meticulous planning and construction.

    The sheer scale and detail of Miniature Wunderland ensure that exploring every nook and cranny will be a delightful challenge, and we've planned a return visit tomorrow to fully appreciate this mesmerizing world. So, brace yourself for a day filled with awe-inspiring miniature landscapes, innovative craftsmanship, and the joy of discovering intricate details that bring this miniature universe to life.

    Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg remains top tourist attraction: survey |  Hamburg News

    Day 7, Tuesday, April 23

    Immersing yourself in the full splendor of Miniature Wunderland in just one day is a delightful challenge. But here's the exciting news: we've secured an additional visit! I'm actively arranging an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, offering us a unique chance to explore the "underbelly" of this enchanting adventure. Get ready to uncover the magic behind the scenes as we delve into the intricate workings of over 100 computer servers, meticulously ensuring every detail runs seamlessly and adding to the captivating allure of Miniature Wunderland. Following our Wunderland experience, we'll have the opportunity to explore more fascinating attractions in Hamburg.

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    Day 8, Wednesday, April 24

    Prepare for another extraordinary highlight of our tour as we embark on a scenic train journey to the enchanting island of Sylt. Brace yourself for a fascinating adventure as our train traverses the Hindenburg Dam, spanning over 11 kilometers across the North Sea, offering breathtaking views. Upon reaching Westerland Station, we'll embark on a captivating tour of the town, exploring its unique charm and discovering hidden gems. Sylt is not just a picturesque island; it's a haven for exploration. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the pristine beaches, indulge in delectable local cuisine, or visit iconic landmarks that make Sylt a truly unforgettable destination. Immerse yourself in the island's culture, and let the day unfold with a mix of relaxation and discovery.

    The Hindenburgdamm Causeway | Amusing Planet

    Day 9, Thursday, April 25

    As with all incredible journeys, our adventure sadly concludes today. Following an early breakfast, we'll bid farewell to our temporary home and board the train back to Frankfurt Airport. From there, you can catch your flight home, carrying with you cherished memories of the International Hobby Expo, Miniature Wunderland, and the myriad experiences shared during our exploration of Germany's cultural and model-making wonders. Welcome home, enriched with the joy of discovery and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts!!

    Tour Price Includes:

    • 7 nights at great hotels with daily breakfast.
      [Please note: Everyone gets their own room.]

    • Rail travel Dortmund-Hamburg and Hamburg-Sylt and back

    • Attentive tour guides speaking English and German

    • Tickets for the City and Harbor Tour

    • Tickets for Miniature Wonderland

    • No extra charge for single occupancy

    • Taxes and service charges for included features

    Tour Price Exclusions:

    • Personal expenses such as phone calls, room service, laundry, and beverages.

    • Gratuities for local guides.

    Please Note:

    • For departures from other cities, kindly contact Roman Plaszewski at Reynauld's Euro-Imports, Inc. 

    Terms & Conditions:

    • An initial deposit of $1000.00 per person is required to secure your reservation, payable by Checks or Credit Cards.

    • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited seats.

    • Final payment is due by March 31, 2024.

    • Confirm seat availability before making payments.

    • Rates are subject to change, inclusive of potential increases in taxes, government-imposed fees, and exchange rates.


    • Cancellation fees before March 31, 2024, amount to $1000.00 per person plus any deposits lost to railroads or other facilities.

    • After April 31, 2024, no refunds will be issued for cancellations.


    • No refunds for the unused portion of the tour once travel commences.

    Proof of Citizenship:

    • Travelers must provide proper documentation for U.S. citizenship. Married women with maiden name documentation must supply a marriage license. Failure to possess required documents may result in denied boarding, with no refunds provided. Non-U.S. citizens should contact the appropriate embassy or consulate for document requirements. Passports must be valid until March 2024 or beyond.


    • Every effort will be made to adhere to the scheduled itinerary. However, we reserve the right to adjust or alter itineraries due to local conditions or circumstances.


    • Reynauld’s Euro Imports, Inc. is not responsible for this tour, organized by Rey and Roman Plaszewski for European train enthusiasts' enjoyment. While they arrange services and accommodations, they are not liable for acts, errors, omissions, injuries, inconveniences, accidents, delays, or defaults of any company, their employees, agents, or facilities. Rey and Roman Plaszewski are not responsible for flight delays due to reasons beyond their control, including work stoppages, labor strikes, or Forces Majeure. Acceptance of this contract releases Rey and Roman Plaszewski from all such liabilities.

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    Please return this form and payment to: Reynauld’s Euro Imports, Inc, 122 N. Main St., Elburn, IL 60119

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